Interested to join the Innotribe? Job opening in NYC

Hi there!

Here’s a job opening in the Innovation team @ SWIFT!

I’m looking for an entrepreneur/intrapreneur, located in SWIFT’s NYC office, to be part of the Innotribe. Below is a more detailed job description. In a nutshell – I need energy, belief, drive, evangelisation, creativity, charisma.

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55681 – Innovation Relationship Manager – Intrapreneur to Foster Innovation

Do you like working with people? Do you enjoy networking with colleagues?  Are you well-versed in the latest technology trends?  Have you worked to create cost-effective technological solutions to meet the demands of a growing company?  If your answer is “yes” to all of these questions, then this is the opportunity of a life-time.

We are looking for a talented person to become our local Innovation Relationship Manager. You will establish innovation as a driver to assess the potential and the deployment of new products and services within the financial industry in your region. The ideal person will have experience for with the following:


You will enable entering new markets with new products and services.

You will participate in finding collaborative ways to adopt new initiatives and trends.

You will engage with your regional communities to engage in co-creation, co-investment and collaborative developments of new products or service ideas.

You will determine the best initiatives to be pursued in your region and feed these into the overall Innovation activities centrally.


Responsibilities include:

·         Building a solid and reliable regional network with SWIFT customers and partners in order to establish the playground to foster innovation and co-creation

·         Keeping abreast of financial and technology trends, assess the role SWIFT might play in that context and share the insights with the innovation team and your local colleagues

·         Mapping new trends and initiatives with customer needs, and transform this input in business opportunities

·         Representing SWIFT in its ‘Innovation facilitator’ role in the broad financial industry sector, be that customers, vendors, partners, regulatory bodies, or external audiences, and of course the company itself.

·         In close relationship with the markets and product teams, consult and assess the impact of new trends and technologies in the future development of SWIFT products

·         Assessing new ideas originating in the SWIFT eco-system and deciding whether they are candidates for Proof of Concepts (POCs) or Incubator


Additional Attributes:

·         Establish and maintain warm and supportive interpersonal relationships with co-workers, clients, customers, etc.

·         Develop creative solutions to problems on projects that he/she believes in and where positive results of efforts on other people are visible

·         Enjoy being part of a team of other creative people

·         Thrive in an active and challenging environment where several projects need to be juggled at the same time

·         Like being exposed to new ideas and explore new approaches

·         Qualifications:

·         University degree, MBA or post-graduate specialization required. Marketing or engineering with a marketing experience would be a plus

·         At least 10 years experience in financial operations/products or services development, project planning, management role, of which 5 years as a product manager.

·         Previous experience as an innovation process leader, product development manager, advanced concepts team manager or R&D team manager will be required. Experience in bringing projects from idea to production, including financial assessment and incubation highly desirable.

·         Ideally, the candidate should be familiar with the financial sector with a considerable technology exposure (in software and telecommunications).


Want to know more?  Click on the link –

We Offer:

  • Competitive salary and bonus with exceptional benefits /100% company paid Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance
  • Excellent training and career development opportunities
  • A friendly, professional, stable working environment where one can grow in their career.
  • SWIFT is an  Equal Opportunity Employer

Qualified applicants please apply via   or please forward resume to 



3 thoughts on “Interested to join the Innotribe? Job opening in NYC

  1. I respectfully suggest that geo-locking the location of innovation positions (without a clear business case) is passe. Have you investigated ROWEs?:

    ROWE is the future of work.

    Results-Only Work Environment is a management strategy where employees are evaluated on performance, not presence. In a ROWE, people focus on results and only results – increasing the organization’s performance while creating the right climate for people to manage all the demands in their lives . . . including work.

    With ROWE:

    Teamwork, morale and engagement soar, which leads to less workers feeling overworked, stressed out or guilty.
    People are where they need to be, when they need to be – there is no need for schedules.
    There is no judgment on how people spend their time, so people at all levels stop wasting the company’s time and money.

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read a summary of ROWE from
    ROWE for Employees

    ROWE recognizes that life is an individual experience and that no two lives are identical — and leverages this to achieve better performance from each individual. ROWE is not Flextime. ROWE is not Telecommuting. ROWE is not Job‐Sharing. ROWE is not about allowing your people to work from home a couple of days per week.

    In a Results-Only company or department, employees can do whatever they want whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. No more pointless meetings, racing to get in at 9:00 am, or begging for permission to watch your kid play soccer. No more cramming errands into the weekend, or waiting until retirement to take up your hobbies again. You make the decisions about what you do and where you do it, every minute of every day.
    ROWE benefits:

    You control the clock and results are your responsibility.
    Healthier lifestyle – not overworked, less stress
    Autonomy & accountability
    Environmentally friendly – save on the commute and work from home!

    ROWE for Business

    Successfully adopting a Results‐Only Work Environment will position your company to attract and retain talent that will show up energized, disciplined, flexible and focused—ready to deliver all results necessary to drive the business. A ROWE workforce is more efficient, productive and loyal to the organization while also feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and in control of their personal and professional lives.

    A Results-Only Work Environment is all about productivity. But more importantly, your workforce will respond to the business as if it were their own. Innovate won’t be a buzzword, it will be what you do. With ROWE you can stop monitoring the hallways and focus your energy on the business.
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    Talent retention & attraction
    Optimization of space
    Elimination of wasteful processes

    Learn more about the results seen in a ROWE

  2. Hello all! Update on this post: the position has generated a lot of interest and candidates, so I’m now closing the job posting. I’ll get back to all people who have applied or shown interest in the second half of august.
    Thanks for your interest.

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