Compass Summit scribings

The Compass Summit (, #compass11)  is just over, and I’m off for 10 days of holidays in sunny California (writing this from Santa Barbara).

I have many things to say about the summit itself, and especially about the high quality people I’ve met and some deep contacts I’ve established. More on that later though.

Under the influence of Mariela and Martine, I’ve jumped in the pool and I’m experimenting with scribing. I can tell you: it’s a lot of fun! So right now, here are my scribings (drawing summaries) of some of the sessions that inspired me (most of these were twitted before, so I’m compiling everything for easy reference)

Be constructively critical!

Here you go –







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12 thoughts on “Compass Summit scribings

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    • Dave,
      Mimicking “financial inclusion”, we referred to “identity inclusion” as the capacity of everyone to have access, control and use of his/her identity data in the digital economy.

  3. Nice scribing! Love to see it. Have an awesome time in CA. If you get a chance in Big Sur go to Esalen. You can buy a day pass to the hot springs there. amazing…

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  5. Hi Jonathan,

    The drawings in the compass summit post were done on an iPad, with a Bamboo stylus, using the Noteshelf app. It works but the iPad was not really designed for this- stylus very thick, you have to keep your palm off the screen otherwise it registers as a touch, etc. Recently I switched to a tabletPC (Samsung slate) with a much finer stylus. I think it works better, using the supplied Windows Journal app.

    See example here:

    Kosta Peric (@copernicc)
    2/7/12 9:46 PM
    Banks 2.0 excellent session! With @ficoba, @brettking, @shamir_k #Innotribe

    Dive in. And let us know the results!

  6. Thanks Kosta – I am probably going to stick to the iPad b/c I am now using it for various other functions/tools (e.g., I use Keynote for presentations). I will just forge ahead with a relatively skinny stylus and see what happens …

    Do you use any of the handwriting -> text apps or just leave handwriting as it is?

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