The 5Ws of my blogs

Why, What, Where, When, Who?

I’m facing a little bit of a challenge at the moment as I’m contributing to an increasing number of blogs.

There is this blog, and the innotribe blog, my usual hang out places.

I used to blog occasionally on, but that is changing for Still transitioning.

I’ve been given the opportunity to contribute to BankThink, the blog platform of American Banker.

And most recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to be a contributor to

There are some other writing projects that I’m pursuing. Some very good friends (? 😉 ) have convinced me I should write longer pieces about Innotribe and innovation in general.

So I’ve been spending all my recent plane time writing – not sleeping or reading or watching movies. It turns out planes are good places to write things. And I’m just back from a 2 day long week-end from our retreat on the Belgian sea shore, where I spend a lot of time …. writing.

I did discover this – I like writing. I thought I would be too impatient to *really* write, but it turns out I can do it. I like it – so far I don’t love it. But let’s see where it takes me. On to new adventures.

Anyway,  I need to put some order into all these blogs and writing, figure out the 5Ws of each. So just wanted to let you know this is happening, and I hope you can track me down in the meantime.



4 thoughts on “The 5Ws of my blogs

  1. Dear Kosta,
    I say this to all the leaders I impact: Please keep a private journal as there are always two audiences. There is the public who you serve as you explicitly educate, influence and impact. There is also your soul – that quiet part of your observation lens that is learning to take observation and translate it into voice. I always want to ensure we protect our private voice as that is where our soul flourishes. And just like flowers need dark/quiet to germinate — so too, do we. I have been deeply impacted by Eric Hoffer wisdom: It would be difficult to exaggerate the degree to which we are influenced by those we influence. Warm regards to your public and private voices. Jennifer

  2. Don Tapscott’s approach to all this is interesting( a central portal with links out to blog contributions. Always end up in a book, however. Don’t know how well they sell but he’d probably tell you @dtapscott Recently, CBC did a radio podcast series (ReCivilization) with Don. Don’t know if that will be THE model of the future, but I truly enjoyed it. I wonder if O’Reilly (or some other) would be interested in an e-book to test the market (you can always self-publish). Does SWIFT have an Imprimatur?

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