Humanitarian Innovator

Humanitarian Innovator – this is how Mindjet has referred to me in their “INQ” magazine recently (registration required to download it), listing me on their “Innovation’s Heavy Hitters” page.

It is a first and it does highlight, in a very short and elegant manner, the “why?” of my job and the core belief driving it.

Thank you!





Author: Kosta

Innovation is much more than the simple interchange of the position of the earth and sun. Follow me on Twitter: @copernicc

One thought on “Humanitarian Innovator”

  1. I would be interested to know how you think an average lay-person becomes a “humanitarian innovator” when most funding for innovation is motivated by profit and some innovation is not directly revenue generating?

    I recently watched a documentary ( about Aaron Swartz and thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to dedicate so much time to those issues, I wonder how he makes any money to look after his family. Then I remembered he was one of the founders of Reddit.

    Do you have to be a successful entrepreneur or businessman first so you can sponsor your own humanitarian endeavours? If you want to innovate in the space of public good do you need to find an angle that has commercial benefit to someone so they will sponsor the work?

    What if that jeopardises the credibility of what you want to do?

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