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How disruptive innovations are reshaping the way financial services are structured, provisioned and consumed – An Industry Project of the Financial Services Community

Determining the most influential people in banking is not just about social media scores. With this in mind, more than 100 global leaders in the financial services industry were asked to identify the top ‘influencers’ who are leading the charge in an industry being disrupted.

In the recently launched annual letter, Bill and Melinda Gates list four breakthroughs they see coming in the next decade and a half. In the section Mobile Banking Help The Poor Transform Their Lives they outline how “…in the next 15 years, digital banking will give the poor more control over their assets and help them transform their lives. The key to this will be mobile phones.”

In 2014, we saw solid indicators that governments are taking financial inclusion seriously. It is increasingly seen as a tool for improving poor people’s lives, and we witnessed concrete progress in many countries around the world.

Humanitarian Innovator – this is how Mindjet has referred to me in their “INQ” magazine recently, listing me on their “Innovation’s Heavy Hitters” page.

Brett hosts SunTec Groups’s CEO, Nandu Kumar and VP Gordon Gray to talk about why the banks should be embracing the new possibilities that transparency provides and the new engagement in trust that customers deserve. Also this week- Kosta Peric with the Gates Foundation returns to announce grant contests for the Grand Challenges Exploration

Der technologische Wandel zwinge die Finanzbranche zu Veränderungen. FinTech heisst hierzulande das grosse Zauberwort. In manchen Schwellenländern ist zumindest der Zahlungsverkehr weiterentwickelt.

Financial services have already transformed tremendously over recent years. First there was internet banking, and then “chip and pin” services. Now there is “contactless” that allows a person to pay for goods and services without entering a card into a machine. Yet writing for Bank Innovation in 2014, Kosta Peric (of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ) argues that there is a lot more yet to come.

There are 2.5 billion people in the world who don’t have access to any kind of financial account, says Kosta Peric. It’s not hard to see why that’s a serious issue—when our current system excludes 40 percent of human beings. This lack of access to basic financial services is one of the primary drivers that perpetuate cycles of poverty.

A technologist at heart and by training, Peric has long contemplated how innovation can begin to address these fundamental flaws—itself a monumental challenge given the historically uneasy relationship between finance and technology.

Today, technology, particularly mobile, has paved ways allowing for greater access than ever before. In the developing world, mobile phones outnumber toilets. The opportunity to help consumers take advantage of participating in the financial system, and the subsequent rewards of that, has never been greater. But can banking be flexible enough to recognize this opportunity, and if it can’t, do we need traditional banking in order to help consumers gain greater financial inclusion? Today, Brett will be speaking to Kosta Peric

In this, Bank Innovation‘s second annual “Innovators to Watch” list, we took a look at some of the most important people in financial technology — experts who work in banking, serial entrepreneurs, startup CEOs, investors, and virtual currency experts.

A film about money, value and trust in the Networked Society.

In the wide-ranging conversation, Peric described his concept of the “the castle and the sandbox” — also the title of Peric’s book — and gave the example of bKash, a bank-funded money movement service for the underbanked in Bangladesh.

Banks and other financial services companies have a great challenge ahead of them to survive the digital disruption. But Kosta Peric – Deputy Director of the “Financial Services for the Poor” initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – says banks still have the chance to create the truly innovative customer experiences that will allow them to thrive.

Challenged by complexity, the executives in the forefront of financial technology innovation show an uncanny ability to come up with the right solution at the right time.

Shift 2020 gives you an understanding how technology is going to influence, shape and impact your daily life in the near future. Many different areas of how we will communicate, work and do business together in the immediate future are covered in depth. It’s a collaborative book including foresights by some of the world’s leading experts.


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