The Innovation team at SWIFT is changing and growing!

Hello Innotribe!

I’m very excited to announce there are new people joining the Innovation team @SWIFT. All of them are on board so I’m sure you’ll get to know them very soon.

First I’d like to welcome Dominique Debuyser (@Ddebuyser), joining us from another department at SWIFT, and who will reinforce Mela Atanassova (@mela_atanassova) in the event facilitation and design. I’m sure many of you have experienced and appreciated the superb facilitation of what we call “Mela Productions”, so you will be pleased to know that with the addition of Dominik we will be able to do more!
Dominik has already been “christened by fire” 😉 in our recent “Banks for a better world” Innotribe event at Ashoka, and he passed the test with flying colors!

Secondly, I’m thrilled to welcome Heather Schlegel (aka Heathervescent, @Heathervescent) and Nektarios Liolios (Nektarios you need to get on Twitter! 😉 ). Heather and Nektarios will reinforce Matt Rizzi (@matteorizzi) in the idea generation for our incubator programme.

Heather joins us from California’s thriving startup ecosystem, is doing research in domains related to digital identity and alternative currencies, and will be your Innotribe contact in the Americas region. She is also a speaker at the upcoming Innotribe@Sibos. See her site on to have a feel for her energy 😉 and for much more info on her interests.

Nektarios joins us from marketing at SWIFT, and previously to that from the Asia Pacific region (where he was based in Sydney). Nektarios brings us much needed expertise in the securities domain of the SWIFT business, and will be based in London, where he will be the Innotribe contact for the EMEA region. He will also be helping Peter Vanderauwera (@petervan) for the content of Innotribe events.

The team of Matteo, Heather and Nektarios will be reinforced with another resource focusing on the Asia Pacific region, most probably based in Mumbai. Candidates, make yourselves known! 🙂

I cannot express how thrilled and proud I am to get Dominik, Heather and Nektarios on board. Make sure you meet them soon!


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