My Book

The Castle And The Sandbox – Transforming Conservative Companies In Established Industries Using Open Innovation


The book tells the story of Innotribe, the innovation movement in the financial industry.  I’ve created Innotribe while at SWIFT, with a small team of incredible and passionate people. Innotribe enables collaborative innovation with a mix of co-creation events, an incubator and very successful startup challenges.

The reason I wrote the book is because the story is repeatable. I believe the ingredients I provide can be used to enable innovation in other conservative industries and companies.

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“Innotribe is all about breaking the mould, about bringing innovation right into the heart of one of the world’s most conservative, risk averse financial services organisations. It is also revolutionising how member banks collaborate, in this case through SWIFT. Innotribe has accelerated the incubation and development of innovative ideas that normally would not have seen the light of day. In this sense, Innotribe is truly transformational.” – Neal Livingston, head of EMEA, Global Transaction Services (GTS), RBS

“I am thankful that Innotribe has succeeded in convinc- ing so many in the financial services industry that, while we compete in our everyday business, we can survive and prosper only through collaborating on innovation.” – Mircea Mihaeascu, Director, Technology Research Center, Sberbank

“It was absolutely about the freedom of thinking, the borderless approaches that were discussed and I did not expect this to happen within financial services industries, which I regard as being absolutely old-school. […] people are openly discussing and exchanging their views on very ‘hot issues’, like last time talking about alternative curren- cies. I am sure, you are the only real “think tank” that is that progressive within the financial services industry.” – Matthias Kröner, CEO, Fidorbank

“Innotribe arrived like a small viral spacecraft into the SWIFT community. It was alien, spread rapidly and created a new species called creators. The mixture of tradition and creativity has led to new worlds being formed and that is why the Innotribe thrives, grows and gains momentum every day” – Chris Skinner, chairman of The Financial Services Club, Owner at Balatro Ltd

“Many innovation centres around the world give lip serv- ice to innovation, but they really don’t want it. They would rather defend the status quo. With Innotribe, SWIFT has created a genuine innovation hub that eagerly and inven- tively attracts the best new ideas in banking, finance, currencies and more. Read this book to understand the future of money and value.” – Jerry Michalski, founder of The REXpedition

“The story of Innotribe is a story of excitement, progress and most of all – financial innovation! While the world pleads for change in the finance industry, it is heartening to see SWIFT standing up and creating space for progress. It is not just new ways of thinking, but entire new models of exchange that are born as a result.” – Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director, and the Ven currency

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