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The Compass Summit (, #compass11)  is just over, and I’m off for 10 days of holidays in sunny California (writing this from Santa Barbara).

I have many things to say about the summit itself, and especially about the high quality people I’ve met and some deep contacts I’ve established. More on that later though.

Under the influence of Mariela and Martine, I’ve jumped in the pool and I’m experimenting with scribing. I can tell you: it’s a lot of fun! So right now, here are my scribings (drawing summaries) of some of the sessions that inspired me (most of these were twitted before, so I’m compiling everything for easy reference)

Be constructively critical!

Here you go –







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Back on the road!

Innotibe@Sibos is still vibrating in my memory (and work is continuing on, where Martine de Weirdt is running an additional “Banks for a Better World” session), but the team and I are already looking forward to other engagements.

Riding to the airport this morning, I realized that I’ll be on the road for more than a month!

Here’s what the Innotribe and I are up to.

1. Compass summit ( in Los Angeles (#compass11)

Innotribe is one of the sponsors of this event, and we will be heavily involved. The event is not about banking, or not specifically. It is more of a long term think tank on how we can make society sustainable in the long term by capitalizing on collective human intelligence.
Yes, you have guessed it, it’s another one of our experiments, where the Innotribe explores long term views on the financial system and community. It follows directly from the “Long Now” subject that was one of the highlights of Innotribe@Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam, and also our involvement with Ashoka in their “Changemakers days” in Paris earlier this year.

Who is our tribe this time around?

– we will introduce Bernard Lietaer (, who will run one of the plenaries of the summit, and who we meet for the first time. In fact Bernard was invited but could not make it in the last minute to Innotribe@Sibos Amsterdam. Bernard is author of “The future of money” and is a recognized authority on currencies and their management, going from pure academic research to applying his theories on the ground in Latin America to save several fldging economies). I’m absolutely thrilled to meet Bernard, needless to say!

– we will have our now firmly established tribe members Dan Marovitz (@marovdan), Doc Searls (@dsearls), Drummond Reed (@drummondreed) and our own Heather Schlegel (@Heathervescent) who will help us run four labs: future of money, future of banking, future of value and future of identity.
I have seen the design of these sessions, and I must say that if you though Innotribe@Sibos was special, this will be even more!

Our objectives are to firmly position SWIFT Innotribe as a player looking at “long” sustainable perspectives, and progress several discussions from Sibos, most notably the Banks for a Better World one.

2. Holidays! 🙂

After the summit, my wife will join me and we will spend 10 days in California. I’ve rented a car and we’ll go where the wind takes us 🙂 Much needed for both her and me.
Right now the only bookings I made are for a day in Santa Barbara and another in Big Sur. Suggestions for the rest welcome!

Our objective: relax, relax, relax. Have fun. 🙂

3. AFP Annual Conference ( in Boston (#afp11)

Going back from the West Coast I’ll stop by in Boston for this conference.

The AFP (American Financial Professionals) conference is a major event in the USA, with a very large (6,000+) attendance. Subjects tend to be centered on finance and treasury. I’ve never been to one, but from what I read It feels more of a b2c conference as compared to Sibos which is more b2b, transaction banks, one.

I was quite honored when Susan Skerritt, EVP and Head of Business Strategy and Market Solutions, BNY Mellon Treasury Services, invited me to participate to her panel about innovation in Finance.

Susan noticed the work of Innotribe at several occasions, and taught that our approach to innovation management and facilitation was original, thus her invite.

Susan has also invited Anita Prasad (General Manager of Treasury Capital Management, Microsoft) and Mark Jones (Managing Director, Healthcare Services Practice, IDEO).

Looking forward to discover AFP. What I hope to achieve is to consolidate Innotribe as a key player in the financial innovation management and facilitation.

4. Finance Technology Forum ( in Hong-Kong and Singapore

Finally, after a couple days back in La Hulpe in November, I’ll head to the other side of the world, to talk about a subject which is close to my heart: IT and innovation.

The people in Finance Tech Forum got intrigued by an article (following from the Innotribe@Mumbai event “Connecting the unbanked”) that quoted me as follows: “There’s plenty of innovation in banking – but so far it’s not being led by banks”, and asked me to elaborate on this subject in the event’s opening keynote.

I love the underlying themes and currents of the event: technology arms race, infrastructure rethink, real time, low latency, customer engagement. The essence of today’s financial IT in Asia.

If you know me a bit and/or if you read my blog, you’ll recognize why I’m excited by this, and in particular why I think that innovation is not being led by banks. But if you know me, you know I’m the eternal optimist and I see opportunity for banks to seize.

I’m working hard on this keynote. There’s a month to go, but I want to achieve a truly ground shaking presentation, levying the audience with a call to action, so lots of thinking and tinkering on this one.


There you go. Writing this eating a pretzel ( 🙂 ) in Munich airport’s Lufthansa lounge, waiting for the flight to LAX.



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