How Chinese Companies Are Planning A Global FinTech Coup

Great article written by Jayadevan PK and Shadma Shaikh for the Factor Daily, looking at the explosive growth of Wechat and Alipay in China.

The companies behind these services are now looking to Africa for expansion, and the article looks at various scenarios on how digital financial services could play out across Africa.

Here is the article. 

Mobile money interoperability is the next revolution in Africa, this is what you need to know

Published on CNBC Africa, 20 Jul 2018

Several regions across Africa are zeroing in on what promises to be a new frontier in the fast-growing digital economy: mobile money interoperability. That means anyone in an interoperable region with a mobile money account can transact with anyone else who has an account, whether they use the same service provider or not. And when that happens, mobile money instantly becomes more useful to more people, enabling them to more easily save, borrow, and transact with all the people and institutions they need to connect with, instead of just those on their same network. When connected with banks, mobile money becomes even more valuable as people have a safe, secure place to store their assets.

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Flip-flops and finance: the current state of fintech for the poor

Earlier this year, I spoke to three different audiences of financial services and fintech innovators at three different conferences in Europe. I posed the same question to each one:

What do flip-flops have to do with bank accounts?

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Advances in Real Time: Challenges and Solutions in Interoperable Payment Systems

In the latest edition of Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization by @MITPress, my team explores some of the principles and challenges of creating an inclusive, interoperable hashtag#digitalpayment platform. We also share more information on Mojaloop.

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