FinTech Prediction For 2018

I was recently asked for my FinTech prediction for 2018. Here it is –

We will see in 2018 the first deployments of real-time retail payments platforms powered exclusively by mobile phone access. Driven by financial inclusion, these super-scalable and ultra low-cost platforms will represent the first steps taken by pioneering countries in Asia and Africa, driven by commercial players in strong collaboration with central banks and governments.

These 100% digital platforms will connect new financial services such as mobile money into an interoperable system connecting mobile wallets to institutional payers and merchants, and traditional bank accounts. These platforms will also enable easy access to payments for the new applications of the future, such as the solar battery leasing companies, transport companies and others.

As usual – a picture is worth a thousand words, so my sketch tries to capture this visually.


Wishing you happy holidays, I look forward to work with you and make this prediction reality in 2018!

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